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1995 impreza turbo brakes


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I assume that yours has the 2 pot fronts a single pot rears that come as standard on the v2 ?

Most upgrade the fronts to 4 pots with bigger dia discs off the later classics or newage wrx's with pcd 100 discs .these are a Straight fit but I would recommend braided lines to firm up the peddle feel .

Have you got vented or solid rear discs ?

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You can buy seal kits oe refurbished calipers from the likes of godspeed for both front or rears (if budget and spanner skills allow)

I upgraded the fronts with some second hand subaru 4 pots and the rears to newage pcd 100 discs and 2 pot rear calipers .

As I said before the fronts just bolt on but the rears have to have conversion brackets and the splash guards removed in order for the 2 pot rears to just bolt on with the bigger dia discs .

Have a word with Ian @ godspeed or Alyn @Asperformance about the rear conversion brackets if that's the route you take .

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Unless you know someone local that has a classic running 4 pots on the front that would let you try 1 of your wheels on to see if the offset will clear them ?

If you get rear 1 pot calipers and discs make sure they're for the vented rears .As the solid rear disc type calipers don't fit over the vented discs .

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I managed to get subaru 4 pots on my 16 oe silver wheels last week, it's a straight swap!

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All depends on what style you have, late classics v5/6 with 16" rims clear

Ra and type R standard wheels also clear

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