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boost pipe popped off

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Afternoon all, i require a little advice. I went and gave my v1 inpreza a wash up at the local Shell station and afterwards gave it a wee blast along one of the A roads to give it a dry off and the cel came on, i got it home and lifted the bonnet to find the pipe which goes onto this reddy orange thing above the boost solenoid had popped off20161004_152023.jpg

so i put it back on and the cel had gone out so gave it another blast along the same bit of road and this time it was fine. Then when i got back i joined the black connectors to find code 45 can anyone tell me what this means and why this pipe could have came off. Its never done this before and since i put it back on its not came off again thanks in advance


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Don't know what the code is tbh ,you'll have to check the " fault code list " in the how 2 section.

I can tell you that's the "air density sensor " which helps the ecu to calculate the amount of air flowing through the engine when the outside temps change . (Cold air is denser than hot air) .

The blue vac line on yours does look fairly thick compared to the standard stuff , if it can easily be removed ,I'd either replace it for some with a smaller bore or put a cable tie around it to stop it popping off again [emoji6]

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Cool cheers savage think i might just pop a cable tie round it as a temp repair until i get the correct piping for it, i checked the thread with the codes and code 45 points to a pressure sensor but doesn't actually pin point what sensor it is so i'm just assuming theres only one. Just been to pick the kids up and done around 25miles and all seems to be fine. I'm now begining to think it could be an old code which hasn't been cleared i'm on hols this week so will clear it tomorrow and see if it comes back however i've just remembered that it has overboosted a couple of times could this have brought the pressure sensor code up?

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