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Impreza VS Forester struts - advice req please

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Hi guys and gals. I wish to give my 05 Impreza Wagon WRX (GG) a 1"-2" lift, This can be done with Forester struts or springs or top hat spacers or a combination of all three along with modified trailing arm mounts and sometimes ARB mounts depending on how high. I bought some KYB (334345) Forester struts but on comparison, they are narrower upright piston compared to my car's fatter inverted piston type. Which Forester uses the same diameter strut pistons as my car please?

I am doing this because in January I am driving to the Arctic circle north Norway and there will be a lot of snow involved.

Many thanks in advance, Ferg




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It's my thread you would be looking for, it's pinned on the build thread section, I fitted struts from a 98 forester s-turbo all struts are a direct fit from mk1 foresters, the ones I fitted had saggy rears so I made and fitted some 2" strut spacers, also made some 52mm rear trailing arm bracket spacers, it's an easy conversion with a good 2in + lift, also fitted 215 65 16 at's.

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