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Subaru Impreza Classic 1997 Dump Valve HELP Please!!

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Hi Guys,

I'm having some issues, I bought my wrx with a vta BOV and I cannot stand that wooosh noise so I bought a standard recirculating valve, can anyone help me with the orientation of the valve as in which way is coming from the intercooler and which end leads back to the intake.

if anyone could help it'd be appreciated!

Thanks Guys!

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Hi guys, cheers for your input, I really appreciate it, at the moment the recirc is mounted so the end opposite to the vacuum line is fitted to the tmic and the other side connected to the return port, is this correct or am I looking stupid? Cheers!!

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Nice one for your help guys, everything is in order now, i had it the opposite way round and wondered why i was getting a little bit of compressor surge, im still having the map sensor issue that i posted about before, im gonna do a smoke test to see if i have any hidden vacuum leaks,ive replaced all of the lines running from the map sensor and boost control solenoid to the turbo and manifold and im still getting the code, last time i drove it i was motoring at about 3500/4000rpm and id kinda stalled, but not a stall as in cutting out, more like someone slammed their foot on an imaginary brake:blink: im putting it down to a boost cut or fuel cut, but until i get 5 minutes to hook up a boost gauge i cant say for sure which it is, still pretty sure its a vac leak though:bangin:

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Hi guys, 

Finally got a boost gauge fitted, im boosting to 1.2 bar (17psi) , I've fitted the gauge off the spare nipple on the manifold, now I know this is to high I'm wondering why this could be happening, has someone used a different sized restrictor pill? Maybe adjusted the wastegate? I'm stuck and can't seem to find anything, as far as I'm aware it's never been remapped so Im at a loss, do you have any ideas?


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I doubt you'd get that much extra with a different size pill, again if someone had messed with the actuator you'd probably see other issues too

Unless you have a manual boost controller fitted ?

Maybe lift the carpet in the passenger footwell and remove the kick plate have a look at the ecu, may have been swapped for a different unit, or may have some form of identifying stickers from a mapper or indication it's been mapped, if your feeling brave you could open it up see if there's an esl board in there

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Hi Stants, 

thanks for you reply, my next mission is to check to the actuator arm,

there's not any mbc fitted, I will check under the kick plate to see if it's been fiddled with,

I found a guide online using a forester Stereo harness and a USB lead to attach to the 9 pin diagnostic plug under the steering column so I can diagnose it on a laptop, being that it's a 97 model I don't have obd2, this should help to find the cause of my map sensor code,

do you have any experience in wastegate preload and setting up so I definitely don't make more problems for myself



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