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yellow injectors

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Evening all, just a quick question will yellow injectors complete with fuel rails and pipes from a v5/6 impreza directly fit on to my v1 impreza, i've seen a set on the bay and while the winter is here and my scoob is in hibernation i'm going to be collecting parts ready to fit before going to see andy forrest for a esl and map, any advice is much appreciated 

cheers stu :rolleyes:

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Oh well think i'll be going down that route then just thought it was worth asking, they want £60 odd delivered which i thought was not bad also its the mrs that going to be buying them as a xmas prezzie which is really nice of her (think she wants me to get all the stuff done that i want done so that i shut up about the car)😂. Thanks once again for the advice buddy :thumbsup: 

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No probs, I think I got mine from Mark at lateral performance for about £40 including new O rings and longer cap bolts /spacers .

Just don't fit them until just before you're ready to have a remap ,cos it will over fuel, need to be kept at low revs and off boost untill it's rescaled.

I know where you're coming from with the Mrs.

Only time I successfully multi task is when I buy something for the car and pi55 her off at the same time [emoji23]

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