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Sensor identification

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Hi folks,

As part of my ongoing GC8 renovation project (here) - I've found this sensor wiring, which I can't identify:-





The engine is (I believe, still learning) a V5/V6 STi mostly. The wiring is connected into the loom where the MAF wiring joins. There are no locations for a sensor to go on the intake anywhere that I can see. Plug is melted. 

Related to this I believe; is that the car has a hot idle problem - the idle will drop over time until the car stalls. runs fine on the throttle.


Any help greatly appreciated. I can take more pictures if it helps!



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On 17/10/2016 at 10:50 AM, mattiekane said:

Might be air intake temp? Aftermarket intake may not have the hole so hasn't been fitted resulting in your hot idle issue

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Thanks Mattie, yeah intake air temp was my first thought. The cable is two wires, blue/yellow and black/red I think. It's a separate plug to the MAF one; but connects to the loom in the same place.




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Ok so this sounds likely:- http://www.type-ra.com/subaru-forum/threads/iat-sensor-on-v5-v6-sti-models.19852/


to quote:-

" On a 1999 or 2000 WRX / 2000 UK turbo or European GT turbo there is no IAT (Intake Air Temperature sensor) (stock location: snorkus, just above the right headlight).
This sensor is used by the v5/v6 STI only, this is why an STI ecu and a WRX / 2000 UK turbo or European GT turbo ECU are not swappable, same applies for the Apexi Power FC. "

My car is a WRX with STIv6 engine/drivetrain/interior.

So I guess I've got to locate the sensor, and solder in a new plug!

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