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Hi there! Long time Impreza owner but newbie on here :)


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Hi there'

huge Subaru fan' - Totally in love with my Bugeye Wrx! I've previously had a classic, 2 Blob eyes and a blob Sti' - 

I've come to understand there's Only one car for me and it's the Impreza'

- I've had the bug since march 16 but I need some help' - been consentrating on external upgrades  but I need a map or engine upgrades - I'm running a TD05 turbo and cold air induction, full decat etc - manual boost dial' 

if I set the boost near 15psi or above its cutting out on full boost' 

loss of power for like a second then back on - can't be good for the engine so I run low boast until solved but it's frustrating as I'm missing horses!

could it be fuel starved if the injectors arnt upgraded?

many thanks :) 


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Welcome.nice looking bug you have their.i have a 08 wrx hatch runnin 320bhp runs great but was gettin chatter from turbo when changin gear,my boost is 14psi so to stop chatter i opened my dump valve to vent a little pressure which work but for some rrason make boost go over 15 psi and makes computer kick it into limp mode,so i closed dumpvalve again and its been ok back to 14psi.could it be something like that doin it to your car.i have read subarus sometimes dont like dump to atmosphere.

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Thanks for the Reply's :)

im unsure of a remap prior to ownership with the mods' - you were right it's the ECU cutting off the fuel' - Its too much boost' I've serviced the car/ set the manual boost to 14psi and adjusted my throttle cable (a little slack) I disconnected my Battery before a full English, an hour later I re connected to reset the ecu (brake pedals and some light on &hazzards etc- it's running beautifully sweet' no loss of power and it I'm very happy :)

I will Be binning the manual boost and going oem' next job new gear knob & claiming on a windscreen (crack) and new wipers' 

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17 minutes ago, Gambit said:

Welcome to S.O.C glad to see you have signed up, always nice to see more subaru lovers here:cool: And bug owners not enough bug love :biggrin: Car looks great bit like how mine used to look with the lights but mines blue. :happy:

Thank you Gambit! I don't know what it is but this bugeye has really got under my skin :) it's a keeper! You'll have to post a pic of your bug ;) 

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