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Engine light is on, but car is still running normally

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Hey all,  I was driving my 07 plate impreza hawkeye sport today,  when the engine light came on and has stayed on, the car is still running normally but,  I'm worried that it may be something serious,  as it's my only car at and Im not able to get it to a garage for at least a week or two, if not longer,  is there any way of getting the codes or/and reading & clearing them without a obd reader or taking it in? 

Cheers Terry 

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I had the EML come up on my Hawk for a faulty CAT, car still drove fine and the code cleared itself a few weeks later. no clue what happened TBH. 

But if it feels fine then its probably not a major issue, if it was then you would probably notice something wrong.

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Car is ok to drive if you light comes on and stays on.its telling you its found something it dont like,but you sould check what it is with a obd2 reader.if your light comes on and is flashing you sould pull other straight away as that is a major problem.as said get a obd2 off eBay plenty to choose from,mine cost about 25 quid but it does everything.will put lonk on later when go on pc

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