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Kim from Kenya


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Hello all, my names are Kimathi Mururu from Africa. The country is Kenya city Nairobi.

I am glad to find a group like this to share experiences and knowledge about cars. I am a christian, a husband, a father of two (boy and girl).

I am part of a technical team of a rally car in Kenya. We just got a Subaru Impreza WRX with a G8 Engine. Since its from a previous rally owner we have decided to strip it repair some parts of the body that have rusted already and also as we replace parts. Our first rally of the season will be last week of January 2017.

I am stuck though because I need homologation papers. Does anyone have a site or contact that could help me with? Will really appreciate.IMG-20161130-WA0016.jpg.1a666799e7ea1b47IMG-20161130-WA0008.jpg.4b5b1ff4b2781b26IMG-20161130-WA0013.jpg.b5b97b9975ef2e6aIMG-20161130-WA0012.jpg.fb20b5b3d1fe4ace

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Hello & welcome looks like an interesting project there !

Have you tried contacting prodrive here in the UK? They may be able to help you or put you on the right track

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Thank you for that. I shall alert you.

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