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Seized brake caliper

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After thinking I sorted my brake problems a few months back it seems to come around again. Driving to work this morning I started to notice a rather bad smell. After getting to work there was a good amout of smoke coming from the caliper. It's a standard 1 pot caliper off an Impreza. Is there a way to fix this or am I looking at replacing the caliper. Going to try and free it up at work just to get me going for the time being.

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6 minutes ago, Jay762 said:

cannot remember - did you do a full refurb or just free the piston before?

I just pushed the piston back last time, it wasn't sticking as far as I'm aware and seemsnto have been fine for a few months. 


7 minutes ago, stants said:

You could strip it down and rebuild with new piston, for what it's worth I'd just buy a recon exchange unit, and when it arrives send your old one to them

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Sounds like this is what I'll have to do, do you know of anywhere to get parts or places that do refurbished units?

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So I've got the caliper off and pushed it back. When I jacked the car up the wheel could be moved by hand with no resistance other than from the diff. slide pins seem OK and well lubed. I can't see anything obvious, but until I drive it again I won't know.

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Managed to find a replacement at a breakers yard for a decent price. I'll have a look at the old one when it comes off to see if it can be repaired. But i think this is the quickest way to get me on the road again.

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looks like i'm back at square one. Had a new brake hose and a new (Used) Caliper fitted. But i have a feeling something else is causing this. I noticed yesterday on the way to work the same caliper was hotter than the passenger side one, and today the drivers side brakes are also squeaking while driving again. i have now eliminated the pads, disks, calipers, slide pins, and brake hose. Any other suggestions as to what it could be, im thinking it may be something to do with the ABS unit?

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