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2002 Bugeye, need help saving / welder in Scotland?


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Guys, my 2001 GX Bugeye Wagon that i've loved owning for the last few months just had its pre MOT inspection and the results weren't good.

Despite only having 80,000 miles and running like a dream the last few months there's significant welding needs underneath, chasis arms, strut towers, inner arches etc

My local garage doesnt see it worth his time clogging up a bay to do the work so I wondered if anyone knew of anyone that would take this on in Scotland, or even further afield - I live near Stirling and work near Motherwell.

I love the car and would hate to have to consider breaking etc

Many thanks




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It makes me laugh when a garage wont work on car as they dont see it worth it.if your payin they sould do the work you want doin.ok they can advice it not worth it but in the end if your payin and want it done they sould do it.i wouldnt take it back their ever again for anything.hope you get it fix.

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one my mates E36 has been repaired by the garage many times as he refuses to sell it , last mot they said its worth 500 quid max but you need to spend a grand on stuff but he didnt care as he loves that car


its a really nice 328i coupe in a nice colour 

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