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Hatchback Geometry


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the manual gives the following:

Toe Fr 0mm Rr 0mm

Camber Fr -0˚10' Rr -1˚15'

feedback from a mate who previously owned a classic said the setup on my STI was too soft as a whole in comparison

Consider a suspension package that will lower the front about 20mm and stiffen everything up but one of the things that will change the feel a lot for fast road is the steering rack ratio not being high enough. The rack from the new STI has a better ratio for quicker steering.

Litchfield do handling packs which also include an uprated rear arb - something to consider also?


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Only dealt with them a couple of times - had no issues, mate of mine deals with them regularly, has one of them posh Datsun R35 thingies and rates them. Given your location I dont see why a call would be out of the question.

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