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Hows best to remove the turbo

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Hi all.

Ive got a classic impreza uk version. 1998.

I have a blowing noise near the turbo and lost bhp. Its either the down pipe from turbo to manifold has a split (heat shielded) or the gaskets or seals on the turbo.?

Back in the day ive restored cars ect. This scoobys the love of my life. I havent got a service manual

My question is: are my best taking the engine out as theres little room to get down there ?

Many thanks

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The turbo and up pipe can be removed with the engine in situ .

In a ideal senario if everything just comes undone it's probably about 4 hrs work to remove and refit [emoji41]

But if it's not been off before ,you can add another 3 hrs ,6 plasters and a full swear tin [emoji23] .

Only use genuine subaru gaskets or they'll be leaking again in no time [emoji30]

Have a look on import car parts for turbo /up pipe fitting kit for your version. As you'll need ....

Manifold to up pipe gasket .

turbo inlet (up pipe to turbo) gasket.

turbo outlet gasket .

Studs and nuts (as your bound to snap or round off something) .

And downpipe outlet conical fire ring gasket .

If the heatsheilds look like they've seen better days and fall apart when you start , get some heat wrap and stainless steel ties to recover the up pipe.

Rough run through .....Remove the tmic and bung any open pipes ,take note /mark up the vac lines before removing them. Remove the downpipe completely .

There's a bracket on the up pipe at attached to the head loosen that off and remove the oil feed from underneath the bracket . Up to you if you want to buy new copper washers for refitting the oil feed banjo but I would to save having to do it all again [emoji6]

Here's a pic of the manifold to up pipe and the support bracket .


When refitting bolt the turbo ,up pipe and bracket loosely then nip it up tightening the bracket last .

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I'm reading that these trick up pipes are not just 2 or 3 bolt flange, but are actually made to the requirements of the turbo/set up you have, everyone being pretty much bespoke to a degree, is this actually true

Yeah from what I've read Harvey smith ( rip ) did loads of tests using old school "bore and flow " methods .to find the best size intake, outlet and bore size to increase flow /spool .

So if you did go for the "Harvey trick up pipe " you'd be better of knowing what headers and turbo hotside you'll be using so Alyn @Asperformance can match it up with the right size up pipe [emoji6]

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