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Future owner (Fingers crossed)


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OK, My location may say "Bird Mountain" but i took the liberty of translating my location into English.

I am an Expat, Pome, Limey (call me what you like i am not offended) living in Hessen Germany, Vogelsberg (Bird Mountain) to be precise.

I am looking to upgrade my commuter (a 210bhp 2006 mini Cooper S) to something that handles the 130 miles a day i do without guzzling fuel like its trying to rid the world of the evil "Guzzolene" whilst trying to also shake my teeth out over every ripple in the road.

I REALLY took to a Forester Diesel i saw at the weekend and am here spotting for advise before taking the plunge. I hate that my first post (after introduction) is a question...But there are not many brands of vehicle i have never owned and Subaru is on that very exclusive list...for now.

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