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Thoughts on FreeSSM


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Just trying to get to grips with OBD-II and have been looking at FreeSSM which I've got working now on an old tablet. I wondered what your thoughts were on whether FreeSSM is sufficient for normal problem solving or if there are bits of the live monitoring that are handled better by a commercial code reader and which reader?

For instance, looking at the FreeSSM measuring blocks, I notice that the front O2 sensor doesn't seem to be monitored or am I missing something?

It's a pity that FreeSSM is no longer being updated, maybe I'll have to learn C++ . . . . . .

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It's one of the best free tools out there if you know what your looking at and doing with it.

You can even change the diff settings with it. Have you and a look over on outback.org ? There's a thread on there about it that reaches into many pages, all usefully info though

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I used this cable (not an advert) which comes with instructions and a disc with FreeSSM and drivers on it.


For the price, less than a tenner, I thought it was worth a try.

I'm running it on an old laptop which seems to be running Windows 8.1.

I also put a screen grab program on there as FreeSSM doesn't seem to include anything to record live data, so you can look it over later.

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5 minutes ago, stants said:

It won't work on pre 2000 cars as that uses ssm1 protocols,

So never had chance to properly get to grips with it,

The 02 must be monitored somewhere, but can't help I'm afraid

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With a bit more research, I think the front O2 sensor may be called "air/fuel sensor #1" though I'm not 100% on that . . .

I thought the attached might be useful, which is for non-turbo cars?

FreeSSM measuring blocks.pdf

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