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My first WRX


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Ok here we go, I have do a bit off research but could use some practical advice. I want an early WRX (not fussed about an STi) 1996 - 1999 ideally due to the look. Yes im a 90's kid and yes I think they still look good. But are the worth doing up or will the probable millage of 70 to 100,000 mean more problems than there worth? This will be a genuine (at the wheels) 300 - 400BPH project so will be doing things like gas flowing the head, uprated tubo, uprated fuel pump, 4 pot or even 6 pot calipers, uprated shocks you get the picture. I am NOT here to slap a big end can on and lower it so it "looks cool" I also want a fairly standard on to start as this will be my car and I don't want to fix some other guys mistakes.

That is the general outline of things not even looked at a specific car yet but looking to get one for 1500 - 2K then take it from there. While I know my stuff, I don't know subaru's that well so everything the fluid now as this is just the planning phase so feel free to put in bright and not so bright ideas. I am also based in Edinburgh so who are the people to talk to about getting work done. I know of RA motorsport in Perth who have done some nutty things but is there anyone a bit closer or in Glasgow who are any good?

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Check out andy forrest he's just down the road a bit in port seaton, however he travels around alot i think and i'm not sure if he just does mapping or not but he seems to be highly rated in the scoob community, i'll hopefully be going to see him later on in the year for ecu and map :biggrin:

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100k car shouldn't cause many issues if it's been looked after well, however if your wanting more than 320bhp a wrx wont cut the mustard out the box, you'll be needing a bigger blower stronger engine and a six speed box, so may be worth finding a decent Shell and work up from that,

A td04 on a wrx won't make much past 270- 280bhp on a good day.

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