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First Subaru, any advise welcome


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Hi there, just bought my first ever Subaru, it's a Impreza RX 2.0 petrol, I'm 21 and it's the only thing I could afford to insure at the moment but I'm still over the moon I've got my first Impreza. Just looking for any general advise please, anything I can do/buy to improve the performance and get the most from the car. Also looking for tips and advice on servicing the car and looking after it, cheers guys, Ross 

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Wotcha and welcome - as above hi flow panel filter, cat back exhaust (when your existing fails) for a little more rumble is as far as engine needs to go, look at chassis mods, brakes, ARB, suspension could be a bit firmer - think about power to weight ratio, where can you drop some weight.

But if all you do is spend money on giving it a full service, replace all the fluids, spark plugs, dependant on mileage the belts and pulleys etc that is ok

With my RX I didnt think the alloys filled the space enough so I bought some spacers, haven't bothered with any power orientated mods

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i have the rx 2.0, i love it. similar issue been 25 but from owning this car i will never buy anything but subaru again. goes canny if pushed but its biggest asset is the grip. great fun having a bmw or merc up your backside till you come to a corner and they cant hold up. and this is in the normal car, cant wait till i get my hands on a wrx or sti.  read loads of reviews, mostly poor, what a load of dribble.  the only thing is it does feel underpowered but its a heavy car. 

put in a pipercross foam panel filter, will be putting a catback exhaust on it in the near future and then a remap.  not expecting alot, unless you believe the sellers then ill be at 180bhp, just want a little more pull to make up for the weight. 

fitted front and rear strut braces, it does make a difference and corners flatter, only thing i found with them is though its flatter itll bounce back and kick slightly when it leans whereas before it just went with it i put it down to the cheap winter tyres it came with not gripping. http://www.mytyres.co.uk/cgi-bin/rshop.pl?dsco=110&cart_id=25999095.110.16956&sowigan=Wi&Breite=205&Quer=55&Felge=17&Speed=&Load=&kategorie=6&Marke=Ovation&tyre_for=&x_tyre_for=&Herst=Ovation&m_s=3&rsmFahrzeugart=PKW&filter_preis_bis=&filter_preis_von=&homologation=&Label=E-C-71-2&details=Ordern&typ=R-247734 hardly a top end tyre.  looking to put better anti roll bars and tyres on aswell as a brake cylinder brace(was surprised how much it does actually move) 

servicing is very easy just buy a big breaker bar, rear diff plugs and engine sump plug were hell to remove on mine. spark plugs were a pig but its doable. 


do recommend membership here, at the least the Halfords card has saved me over £200 easy. having this car has also made me spend a fortune on bits n pieces but thats not the point

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