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Hi guys! I am new to this forum and also new to owning Subaru's in general!

I purchased a Subaru Impreza WRX 2006 a few days ago, and she's been a delight to drive, never misses a beat! (Full reliable service history and all that)

Today, on the way home from seeing my friend, I was giving her a little boost, when suddenly the engine management light popped up and the acceleration pedal has NO RESPONSE whatsoever..?! I pulled over immediately, per her in neautral and lifted the handbrake. The car revved the 3k and dropped the 500 revs continuously, throttle not responding to the pedal whatsoever. 

I proceeded to turn the vehicle off, wait 5 minutes, then turn her on again. She started fine, I checked under the car and under the bonnet, all fine and appears normal? I drove her home with no problems at all, I tried every gear and tried boosting hard again, everything worked perfectly; but the engine management light is still up.

i have her booked into my mates garage for diagnostics on Monday, just wondering if anyone knows what's going on and could maybe advise? Hoping it's a sensor fault haha!


thanks guys! 


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Welcome to the club!!

Not sure what it could be tbh... but buying your own OBDII reader so you can get the error code and find out exactly what's gone wrong is a good idea, they're pretty cheap.

This is the one I have, works well!


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