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VF22 died convert from BB to Journal?

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Hey Guys,

I was doing an engine swap and got an VF22 from eBay, since the original seller of the engine already sold the VF22 that was on the EJ20k.
turbo died before 300 miles. I am trying to talk to the seller, since it's been around 3-4 months now (lots of delays with the project) - to see if we could come to some terms. We noticed some movement when we received it, but the seller said that it's perfectly okay and came from a nice working car.  I drove with it for around 5 days, and each day there was no boost at random intervals. It seems the turbo was sticking and the shaft is now bent. 


Basically, I talked to local guys here in Lithuania and I've got the info that turbo shops can convert (I suppose put in) new internals and convert the VF22 to a journal bearing system, since there's no way to repair it itself. Has anybody ever have had their  ball bearing turbo to journal bearing here? What downsides can I expect? I know spool time would be later, but how much? More than 500RPM? 

Thank you so much.


P.S. If anybody has any ideas to what should I upgrade (rallycross, rally stages wannabe, auto x strictly for training) - I'd appreciate those tips as well. Probably putting in a DET3 piggyback sometime soon.

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2 hours ago, Seminole81 said:

Honestly I have no idea, however if you get rid of the turbo completely don't just bin it please! I need a blown one for a project I'm trying haha

Haha. Roger that mate, I don't mind helping out.  Still just need to figure out what to do with all of this mess. I guess I will wait on the seller to reply first, maybe try a  PayPal dispute if they seem to be completely unwilling to talk, etc. Not a good situation.


Some guys over here said that until I have money to actually buy something proper maybe I should just throw in a restored TD04 and have a nice time, though I wonder how that would work with the stock ECU, I guess it'd be too rich across the board.

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1 hour ago, Seminole81 said:

Yeah, I'd try a PayPal dispute if you can if he's unwilling to talk.

Have you tried any local scrap yards? They might have something floating about on the cheap.

Definitely, tbh it seems like they're a big shop and they'd have no issues to loose something, but yeah - the after-sale service hasn't been the best. 

Not yet, not too many rare ones locally (with fancy turbos, etc). Maybe I will look into getting a TD04 temporary and deal with being under boost and overfilled (hopefully not too bad). Definitely will consider something that could be rebuilt for my next purchase, maybe something like a TD05-16G to get me going, can't afford to buy new BB turbos and it's just an unknown when you buy them used. 

Will call up all the local turbo services tomorrow to ask about the VF22 conversion at first though, if you have any ideas let me know! Thanks.

1 minute ago, JamesJDMwagon said:

I have a vf22 on my stock ecu car runs great has done for 4years. Try Apexi they used to rebuild them with a better compressor wheel so they spool quickly. (Mine is a apexi vf22) send them an email 

Cheers mate! Happy to hear that. Apexi in the US, huh? I wonder what would the rebuild cost, if it's like 2-3 VF39s or VF22s then yeah, errr...! But def I can give an email a shot, nothing to loose ^^. 

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Just now, matt said:

They should have a bit of play but if it said used in the listing then they have no warranty implied 


if it said new refurbished then you should 

Hi Matt, play was audible - and yeah I get that. Though it has these 'warranty' stickers and we talked about having some sort of warranty, so I am just waiting for some good will on their side, since I initially asked them about the play (since it was not stated at all in the ad), and they said it was okay. Definitely not okay if it can't hold up for 300 miles..


But yeah - I agree with you , strictly - it's a no warranty deal.


Thinking about (in levels of price): TD05-16G to TD05-20G (might be diff w/o an aftermarket ECU) to VF35 as a replacement.


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1 hour ago, matt said:

They should have a bit of play but if it said used in the listing then they have no warranty implied 


if it said new refurbished then you should 

Vf 22 ball bearing and any ball bearing turbo should have abosolutly no play in them. If it has okay it's dead needs rebuilding. Td04's etc journal bearing turbos on the other hand a very small amount of play is acceptable but no end float. 

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