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PAS fault, but which part?

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I'm having a power steering fault at the minute. Really bad when cold. Steering will be heavy then light every 15-20° turn of the wheel. Pump has fluid and hasn't been topped up so would suggest no leaks. Belt is tight and voltage is reading fine so ruled best out. No extra noise from the pump to suggest a beating issue but wont rule that out.

It feels like a pipe is blocked so the pressure builds up and pushes through amd the steering goes light again but then heavy again. It's always the exact same location of wheel turn. Until hot and then it's all back to normal.

Don't want to go buy a pump and then have the cost of replacing the rack but I feel it's one or the other.

Any help with my riddle will be greatly appreciated [emoji4] [emoji106]

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If belt vees are worn also it sits on the tips of the pulleys. I took small hacksaw blade to clean mine followed by drill wire wheel. Been ok since. Combination of cold steering fluid and Battery recharging after starting

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In most cars belt slips on the alternator, I had a ps pump got to put on it when I noticed all grooves needed a clean fine since. From cold I would reverse in the estate and steering would feel like it locked up if I backed off a little it would pulse and rock steering wheel once hot all perfect. Feel free to try my spare pump if you live anywhere near limerick Ireland

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Try removing the return to pump pipe and putting it into a empty bottle . Run at idle to drain the system flush it through with fresh fluid .

Then connect the pipework back up ,refill the system and bleed it .

As somtimes just a fluid refresh can sort p.s or hydraulic clutch issues as they tend to get forgot at service intervals [emoji6]

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