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Im interested in doing up my engine bay to make look really good, can you tell me a reputable mechanic in the chelmsford area of essex that would be interested in doing this work?



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If you are just doing it up by replacing bits one for one it is quite straight forward, hoses, engine dress up kits even replacing rusty bolts for shiny ones is fine just take your time and it will be no issue :thumbsup:

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Have a squint at the "show us your bays " thread and chuck up a few pics of your bay with a few ideas of what you want it to look like .

As with most mods tastes and budgets vary quite a bit but if you're handy with rattle cans you can save a few quid . Or just getting the under bonnet plastics and covers hydro dipped can make a big difference to the look of the bay .

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Just uploaded a picture of my bay in 'show us your bays' let me know if you need any other pics, the engine needs a good steam clean which it is line to get, all i was thinking of doing was to replace some of the visible hoses with blue ones and a few other bits.like the hydro dipped air intakes and fuse box lid

Seen your engine bays and they look brilliant, I'm not looking at going that far

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A good steam clean is always a good starting point. There's a thread on here that has someone offering hydro dipping for plastic parts . If you're either painting or dipping parts you can either remove yours (if the cars safe to run without them fitted) or buy second hand bits and send them off to get painted /dipped .

As far as the hoses go steer clear of cheap Chinese eBay stuff and only buy from reputable companies.

Samco .



Ect .

As the cheaper ones tend to fail or discolour quickly but if you find a hose kit from another brand, feel free to post a link on here and hopefully someone else will have some feedback on them .

If you do think about replacing all the coolant hoses (ie a full kit) and it's not within your skill set to do the work yourself . Some mechanics do prefer to remove the rad when doing cambelts . So if your cambelts due soon it might be worth holding out untill you get it done [emoji6]

I like a clean bay as it helps you spot any leaks straight away but it's a slippery slope. .... as once you fit 1 thing shiny it tends to make everything else look a bit pony lol .

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