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Prices of classic Impreza.


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I bought my RB5 approx 5 years ago now. 

I know what I paid for it but have absolutely no idea what it's worth now. 

Prices of all classic Impreza's are rising and good examples will always attract potential buyers. 

Are they a good investment though? At the time of purchase this wasn't my intention. I bought to use it as a toy and enjoy on a weekend. 

Is there anyone else considering parking there impreza up as investment for the future? 

How high do people think prices will rise and for which models? 



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To be honest I think all classic imprezas have started to rise. 

Itll be interesting to see where they stop. 

I could have bought a beautiful P1 when I bought my RB5 for £6.5k. 

I know the value of cars I just wondered what people thought they may reach in the next five years say for instance. 

22B is a phenomenal car! They look absolutely superb! But would you go out and spend 70k-100k on one? 

The P1 has definitely followed and increased in price. The RB5 is starting to increase too. 

But then again it wasn't so long ago you could pick a half decent 2000 turbo up for £1000.00. 

They're all going upwards.

For the time be though number 280 won't be going anywhere, I love her too much! 

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