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First MFN of the year, (Nottingham) Sunday 2nd April


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For those who arn't aware there is a monthly modified car meet at a pub called MFN (middle of F'ing knowhere) near nottingham (eastwood to be exact). 

First one of the season is Sunday 2nd April from 5pm till 10. Cost is £2 per person and its normally a good larf and see some proper chavs to point and larf at hahahaha

Its a Static show so park up and wander, no live action stuff. The bar will be open as usual (just remember about not drinking and driving) and there's always food stands etc. Other thing to note is it happens every month for the past 10 years+ and the police are well aware of it and do tend to attend. Behave and make sure your legal and they are fine and they tend to have a good chat (you'd be amazed how many patrol officers are petrol heads as well ;) )


There's a big ikea nearby with parking so we can meet up before hand, ( Giltbrook Retail Park, Ikea Way , NG16 2RP, Giltbrook ) plan would be meet up at 4.15/4.30 and to head out at 4.45 to get the best parking spot.

Watch out for updates because last year first one was delayed a month due to bad weather

List of people going,


2.Rps chesterfield





7.Kyle (Tidgys mate, yes i do have some :p, in his Jag F type R)

8.Eddy (Tidgys mate, New Honda civic Type R, yes i have hurled abuse at him)

9.Jonno (Tidgys mate, V8 Mustang)

10. Anja (Tidgys mates mrs, Boxster S)

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