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Back on the road!!... oh, wait!


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Hi i thought id introduce myself (and my car),


Its been a rough ride in the world of Subaru for me but I’m still persisting! In mid 2008 i purchased my first (and only) Impreza. I always wanted a classic so i bought an RB5 -no 318 / 444, pretty mint at the time with minimal  mods from standard other than an induction kit, holographic HUD and alloys.


old photo.jpg22.2.09.jpg

[Above Photos around Jan 2009]


I won’t go in to too much detail in this post but i only had a few months motoring before i had to replace the clutch then the gear box and eventually the block it self - spent a fortune on all of the above whilst at the same time installing a few mods. Another month of happy motoring with my new lump then it lost all power again, at this stage i was probably around 19K in to the car and couldn’t bring myself (or afford) to spend any more money on it and parked it up (roughly around March 2009).


November 2016 a friend (and mechanic) of mine stumbled across a freshly built, complete lump and we decided to get the car back on the road.


Late January 2017 and the cars finally driving again! a few teething problems that we have dealt with one by one (5 fuel pumps, 4 fuel filters and a fuel tank (ROTTON!!!), i could go on…), A new set of tyres, disks, pads and callipers all round and she’s running like a dream!…


Its been running perfectly for the last two days, used all the excuses why i need to pop out every night to take a random drive :) 


On route home tonight and the clutch release bearing has totally gone, rendering the car unusable once again! Lucky i have the finance and resource to get these things sorted nowadays so it won’t be long until she’s back again.


Despite the past and present problems, I’m really enjoying having the car back on the road… I have a huge list of things I’m going to get sorted and I’m looking forward to it. The body work has kept AMAZINGLY well considering its sat in one place for 7 years! 


As soon as its complete ill post my WIP photos on here for you to see!


[Below photo, first day back on the road Jan 2017]

car after wash.jpg

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Erm....Are you sure this is a legit RB5? As i own no 318 and have done since 2002. Was bought whilst still under Subaru warranty and with confirmation of purchase from Monks Heath Subaru in Macclesfield, also my chassis number is an RB5 type.

Be worth checking as i am intrigued by this.

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