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2007 Impreza 2.0R (R Sport)

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Hi all, I am still absolutely loving the WRX, and the time has now come to sell my 2.0R :( She was a brilliant 'entry' subaru for me- being able to afford the insurance at just 18 years of age!

On eBay for £4995 but am open to much lower offers from all you lovely SOC members as I know she'll be going to a good home :)

As standard the car has 160bhp, A/C with automatic climate control, AWD and HID main beams with washers.

The car has just under 67k on the clock, this will only go up with test drives.

Over the course of the previous ownership, and mine, some modifications have been made, including:

-Prodrive spoiler from GB270 (done by previous owner but usually go for about £500)

-Prodrive blue springs from GB270 (these improve the handling of the car drastically, and 'level out' the ride height of it as the front normally sits very high)

-Prodrive 18" GT1 wheels in anthracite with Pirelli Pzero tyres fitted in September 2016 (the NSR wheel is kerbed but has been touched up- it is visible in the picture but only if you're really looking for it. These were purchased brand new in 2015 for £600, plus £400 for the tyres in September)

-Zunsport front grilles in black (done by previous owner but they really help give the car a sporty look)

-Full exhaust system including UEL manifold, sports cat, straight centre pipe and Prodrive back box (This in total cost £800, gives the car it's signature 'boxer burble' back as subaru changed to equal length manifolds in the 2006 model year. I also have the complete original exhaust system which will come free with the car if the buyer wants it)

-Gas bonnet struts (replaces the annoying stick)

-Black leather interior: genuine seats from a WRX SL, leather sun visors, leather wrapped pillars, suede feel headlining, and leather gaiters. The front seats being from an SL do have heating elements inside, and I have the switches too- they just need wiring in (all this cost £500+)

-Sony XAV-68BT touchscreen Stereo with Bluetooth connectivity, mic, reversing camera and remote control

-Sound system: Vibe blackair component speakers and tweeters up front powered by a Fli 450s amp. Fli coaxial speakers in the rear, and a Vibe blackair 12" twin ported sub in the boot with variable gain control mounted up front- this means you can have everything from 'blow your face off' bass to none at all, and it can all be controlled from the drivers' seat! (The sound system in total cost £600)

-Genuine WRX brakes front and rear: These were bought in January 2016 fully reconditioned by scoobyworx with stainless steel pistons (almost no chance of them seizing like the factory fitted mild steel pistons), fitted with brand new red HEL braided hoses, dimpled/grooved discs and Brembo pads (£1000 total)

-Turbo bonnet for a more aggressive look (done by previous owner)

-6000k LED full beam bulbs/ LED side light bulbs (give a much nicer looking light and in the case of the full beams, much brighter too!)

-The rear 3 windows have had privacy tint applied by the previous owner

-Genuine Subaru Pro-R air filter to improve airflow to the engine, in turn improving throttle response

-WRX aluminium pedals

I have receipts for everything important, and also a full service history with all receipts.

I had the NSF wheel bearing replaced in March 2016, and the clutch was replaced when it had tyres in September (again, receipts for both of these).

I have absolutely loved this car, washing it regularly and giving it a full autoglym valet twice a year (usually just before Japfest and just before winter), including a coat of autoglym HD wax which produces incredible beading! Since I have had it (19k miles), I have always run it on Shell Vpower - I know the engine doesn't really require it, but it helps keep the engine clean inside and running to it's full potential.

Just like any other car, it does have a few bad points:

-Bodywork is as expected for a 10 year old car- few light scratches, dings and unfortunately some shallow dents on the OSF wing, bonnet and roof.

-Engine light is on, this is due to the heater circuit in the front O2 sensor. This doesn't affect the way the car drives as it is the heater circuit rather than the signal circuit. Will require a new sensor, which is a fairly easy DIY job.

-Had an advisory on the MOT for two rear ARB drop links (about £30 for the pair and again is an easy DIY job)

It's next MOT is due March 2018, passed this year with just the rear drop links as advisories.

The next service is due September 2017 or in 7000 miles, this will be oil, oil filter and cambelt.

I welcome any inspection, code reader to check the engine light code for yourself etc.

Test drives are welcome, I have kept it taxed until June for this but there is no insurance policy on the car so you will need to provide proof of insurance ON THIS PARTICULAR CAR before any test drive.

Comes with 2 keys.

I have tried to be completely honest and I think i've listed everything. If i've forgotten anything i'll add it in later.

Please don't hesitate to contact me to arrange a viewing, make an offer or ask any questions you may have!


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It is ridiculous what they charge to first year/second year drivers... I had a classic sport too RPS when I was 14, got a quote on it when i'd passed and they wanted £10k! Which was basically saying they thought i'd write it off 20 times in 1 year [emoji23]

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1 hour ago, W444AJD said:

@HawkeyeLawrence really nice motor, puts my 2.0 R Sport to shame!  Where did you get the leather gaiter with red stiching for the gearstick and handbrake? Want to get them for mine...

J-F customs on eBay do the gaitors,with any colour stiching you want,had them in my blob,just orderd some for my hatch with blue stiching

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@HawkeyeLawrence really nice motor, puts my 2.0 R Sport to shame!  Where did you get the leather gaiter with red stiching for the gearstick and handbrake? Want to get them for mine...

Thanks! Got them from a seller on eBay, I can't remember the sellers' name but the quality is top notch!

The only issue I had was with the handbrake gaiter- as the leather is much thicker than the standard gaiter, you really have to squeeze it and stretch it so it fits properly...

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