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New ebay exhaust

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Ok so thought I would share my experience with one of the cheap eBay exhaust.

Ive only had the car a month or so but the exhaust has been blowing in various places since I bought it. I really can't justify spending rediculous amounts of money on things like exhausts etc when I only paid 2.5 k for the car so have been looking at various eBay exhausts.

I dont like the ones that come out the back at a bit of an angle so only left a couple to go for. I decided on a 3 inch with 4.5 inch tailpipe rather than the 5 inch. This is my wifes daily for dropping the kids off and going to work a couple of times a week and don't think she really appreciates the boy racer look (HA HA) not that the half inch really makes much difference.

The car has the ppp package and therefore has the prodrive exhaust fitted with the 2nd cat delete.

Anyway ordered it yesterday and it arrived today and couldn't stop myself from fitting it a 9.00 tonight.

Upon inspection the exhaust looks very good. Good neat welds etc. Fitting couldn't of been any easier and only took about an hour although I must add i have already had the old exhaust off previously so didnt have to worry about any rusted on bolts etc.

The fit of the exhaust I have to say is exceptionally good. Flanges mated perfectly together once installed onto the hangers. Exhaust sits perfectly central with the bumper and with the correct amount of clearance below.

If I had to pick anything and im really nit picking here the hanger on the center section sits back about half an inch which causes the rubber hanger to sit at a bit of an angle. This causes no problems what so ever.

Exhaust has a nice deep burble not raspy at all. Haven't been on the motorway yet so don't know if there will be a drone at cruising speeds.

I've attached some photos before and after fitting.
















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eBay things are hit and miss mate my fmic was off eBay and was brilliant so glad you had a good experience but if you bought the cheap coilovers i think your review would be much diffrent lol



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alot of people will tell you eBay stuff is cheap and poor quality,which it was in the early days but now most these places selling on their are actual shops so quality on most is not a problem any more.i bought a toyosport exhaust for my bug wagon when i had it,it cost £145 at the time and everyone said dont get it it will be crap,it was great quality and sound was great as well,allthough as someone said i would stay clear of the cheap chinese nock offs.most after market recenated centre dont nock noise down much think most its only about 2desibels so i wouldnt both changing it.you sould get some metal polish on tail pipe as they do tend to rust easy,looks well though mate.

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