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GC8 V4 Ecu question + ESL Question.


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ive found an esl piggybacked sti v4 ecu.

I Have a v4 uk ecu.

Can I put the sti ecu in, along with the 3 port boost bracket, the sti maf and the sti intercooler, along with the 440cc and the vf23? and will I be good to go ?

if I read correctly I will have to swap the crank and cam pin outs on the ecu ? (I'm thinking of making a little swappable connector at the loom!)


Shall I just get the ECU, desolder it and put it on my 8s ?

I'm basically getting the ecu, the wire and the software for £300, but ill push for £200-250 !

advise me peeps.

thanks for reading.)

(my target is 320ish bhp, vf35, sti TMIC)

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I presume the piggyback has esl board ? As the wiring diagram is for apexi ?


If your not gonna get it for less than 300 you may as well send your ecu off as would be same price



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I've heard that the jdm ecu's have the cam n crank sensor the other way round (dunno if there's any truth in it though) Also that the jdm's don't have a integrated imoblizer (unsure if that will affect you either lol ) .



In theory if you fit the same auxiliaries (injectors, turbo, tmic same zorst / down pipe up pipe ect ) and the cam n crank sensors are correct , the only difference would be the sti cams and posible difference in compression ratio (between sti and uk versions ) due to different thickness headgasket and sti forged piston bowl sizes .



So it might work..... But I wouldn't ever suggest that anyone bolts on a load of bits and uses a pre re mapped ecu from another scooby . Cos even if the engine model and mod spec is the same, all engines are slightly different (worn in different ways ) . So ignition and injector timing and boost levels should be set for each individual engine regardless of similarities.



Maybe buy the ecu ,lead ,software , yellow 440cc and turbo (if they're cheap enough ) as you should break the 300hp mark with those mods .



Then wait untill you can afford to pay to get it mapped by someone and fit the mods the day before . As you've had a few issues with you engine and drive train in the past . Last thing you want is for it to go bang, bud .



At least if someone maps it for you ,you can data log with the software and teach Yourself a bit before trying to map tweek ,rather than jumping in on a full remap [emoji6]






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ive got a book about efi mapping, ive signed up to a few videos, i will first buy a wideband with logging vs rpm before i even think about starting the car.

I can say i'm  about 60-70% there theory wise, i need to do some reading and watching to bridge that theory gap, then its all about getting some hands on i guess, i might sign up for hpacademy as on the forums the professionals seem to be throwing knowledge and tips at you which is invaluable.

I just want to be able to say i mapped the car myself you know what i mean? its a nice feeling to know that you put together a car and mapped it in 1-2years, even in my negative mindset id be really proud of that :)

500bhp by 25 is the target savs :) going to be 22 in aug so only 3 years left!

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Yeah I know where your coming from about learning the dark arts of ecu tweekery. As I've spent the morning fitting a aem afr kit [emoji6]


But mine is already mapped safely by a reputable mapper and I have the drive train /engine already in place to handle the hp target . Even then once I'm confident enough to adjust ecu parameters I'll start by trimming fuel of boost under half throttle.


I'd just say if you do go for it (and fit all the mods to your engine) back the timing and boost off before driving and logging anything. As your non forged pistons and 5 speed might not handle the v4 sti map at full throttle [emoji6]

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