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Scoobee Newbee - Leeds


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Hi all,

Just purchased a 54 reg Forester 2.5XT after years of wanting one. Fuel economy is what I feared though the driving experience what I'd hoped for! It seems to be in very good shape and has 93k with FSH. I love the mechanical feel to it and have soon forgotten how heavy the clutch pedal is. I was concerned this might suggests a knack'd pressure plate but have read a few posts about this being the norm.

I've put some Green Stuff pads on the front and have it booked in for a wheel refurb and a Tony Banks S/S exhaust... perhaps a filter and remap later - any recommendations??

Spend several hours brushing back inner arches and diff sub-frame to rust-cure, zinc prime and wayoyl. Unfortunately in 'testing' the robustness of the inner rear arch I pushed my fist through it!! I know it's a weak point and hope that it's fine on the inside as was sealed up before. I've treated and patched,,, so hopefully wont cause me too much grief in the near future. Was mildly peed off.

I'm not into spending everything I earn on my car but would really appreciate any tips and info on low-cost mods that make a difference.


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Hello &welcome someone else from up here whoop, as for a filter a dry panel one will be good enough cosworth/green/pipercross etc,


Peel back the carpet in the boot to examine the strut tower that's a weak point and if the outer arch has seen better days it's possibly worked it's way to there too,

A map will cost anything in the region of 350-600 depending on the methods used but you'll see better economy and power afterwards, as for everything else most impreza parts bolt straight on so it's all good 🖒


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