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Titanium key cut classic impreza?


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So i don't know if people have noticed these blank titanium keys on eBay they look exciting and different and 10x better than my original key i have. The seller 100% guarantees me that this key does indeed work once cut and i have seen people online saying they have bought them for my car ( 1994 wrx ) and have worked fine. However most key cutting shops do say that this is the wrong blank key and its to thick which after i have had the key cut is true it is still to thick to fit even though its the right shape.

Has anyone got one of these already and how do you get it cut to fit?


thanks Brad 



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Your old car key looks like a house key :)

Was thinking of saying just sand it down, but would the grooves need to be deeper aswell? Won't the key cutting shop be able to do anything to it?



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