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555 plate for sale


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Hi all,

Please see my apology in the newbies section, I've basically joined to sell a number plate for the impreza I never got to buy and drive. After years of coveting a full liveried impreza I've realised that my dream will never come to fruition and have joined here simply to take it off retention and see it on a car like it deserves.

The full plate is G555 HNT, it is on retention and the assignment fee has been paid. It was valued a few years ago at around the £500 mark, I've just asked for a new valuation from reg transfers so will update when that comes through.

Having said that, I'm more interested in seeing it used for the original purpose of my purchase and am open to any serious and genuine offers. I'm a nice guy (other than joining forums simply to make a sale) so try an offer, you may just be surprised...


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