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Engine light and power loss

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Hi I have a My99 jdm wrx with a my00 turbo 2000 engine swap running original jdm ecu and vf28 turbo, only mods are a silencer delete and newage wrx intercooler.

When I bought the car the cel came on intermittently having been told it was emissions related, the more I drove it though the more it has stayed on and now it's permanent.

I took the car to a local garage for a general health check and it threw up a code for crank sensor, so I fitted one but the code is still there according to one scan tool and on another tool it's showing knock sensor instead.

On acceleration the car is fine up to about 5k revs then it feels flat and hesitant above that.

To try and rule out boost related knock I removed the boost restrictor pill (down to 0.6 bar) and the code is still there even after clearing the codes, the code also comes back instantly after clearing leading me to believe it is definitely not boost related also the car drives the same (albeit slower).

The mechanics next port of call is to remove the front cover and inspect the timing system.

I really don't know what this could be beside a general lack of synchronisation between the jdm ecu, vf28 and UK engine but with the engines being so similar I wouldn't have thought this would be the cause

I run only 99Ron fuel btw

Any help would be greatly appreciated :-) 

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I have read somewhere that some jdm and uk versions have cam and crank sensors running oppersite pins , how much truth is in this I don't know but it might be worth a google.


Are the engine loom earth's and plugs all making a good connection?


I dare say the timing and airflow would be out due to the different cams uk cams and newage tmic size difference. If all else fails, Maybe a dyno run to check afr and knock levels.

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