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New Fozzy Owner


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Hi All

I have been lurking on here for a while as a Bug WRX Wagon owner but that is now up for sale and I have just picked up a lovely 2007 XT PPP which was apprently fitted by the guy who invented it at Prodrive...am confirming details on that one!

So far so good, handling a little more sloppy as expected but it pulls like a train and the added creature comforts are very nice! 

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Indeed proper versatile wagon, Handling can be improved with stiffer springs and rear shocks/anti-roll bar. easy cars live with and make daily life and bad winter a breeze ...

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You on about the bumper protector .

I got some a year or 2 ago via USA seller on eBay, was about £36 each inc all costs and the US ones have Forester moulded into them rather than Subaru so add a nice touch, Old ones are a bugger to get off.

I had remove prep and respray a complete rear bumper at my expense for a customer as old broken one was lifting paint when trying remove (not factory paint), didn't have heart add paint refinish cost to the bill which was high enough without issues for what is a bit of plastic trim lol .

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