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Justy 1.2 GLi 4WD 1994 near new condition 11,700 miles

Windy Miller

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Hi All, My mother owns a Justy 1.2 GLi 4WD 1994 near new condition 11,700 miles in red. It has not been used much in the last 15 years. My father takes it for its MOT yearly and very occasionally it gets a small run then back into its garage. 

The car looks as if it has just come out of the showroom and drives like new.

My mother and Father now agrees it should be sold but I am unsure how to advertise a 23 year old car which is in superb condition and at what price.

Any advice would be very welcome




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Sounds like a lovely little motor.  Do you have any pictures?  

Pricing it is difficult.  On one hand it's lovely condition and low mileage but on the other its not what most would class as a classic car.  Have you no figure in mind at all? 

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350 quid at a push


End of the day it wont be bought as something to save as the value will never go up.

It will be bought by someone wanting a cheap nockabout but anymore than 350 and it will be in your cheap fiesta or punto or 206 money and i can guarantee they will be 52 plate plus so ew pas airbags ect and genrally a better car as alot newer


Sorry to burst ur bubble lol


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