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Impreza Diesel Boxer Remap?

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Hey all


Looking to get a Boxer Impreza very soon and want to do a remap straight away. It's 150bhp with 350nm torque standard. What sorts of gains can I expect? Is there anything I have to do before getting a remap?


I've tried researching on google but I'm getting mixed results, some saying on standard engines it's 180bhp and others saying 200. Obviously I'd rather the 200 [emoji13]


Thanks for any help provided! [emoji106]



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Wotcha and welcome - what are you planning to do other than the map - exhaust, filter etc? The Subaru diesel lump isnt the best and has suffered with issues - are you set on a diesel or could you opt for a petrol motor instead?

The results will vary slightly dependant on state of engine, weather conditions on the day etc but having a remap will give you a setup specific to your motor  

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Thanks for the welcome [emoji106]


I'm planning on air induction straight away too. I would like to change the exhaust but depends on funds.


I'm shocked you said the lump has had problems because when researching I've found nothing but praise! I have seen problems said but they were due to driver neglect.


I am pretty set on it though. Ive grown up loving the Impreza and would love a petrol version but the tax and fuel costs are what put me off, being a family man. I do a lot of driving so the extra power plus economy of a diesel would be beneficial.


Oh ok, I've always assumed that remaps just unlock restricted power of the car?



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I certainly don't want to put you off getting a subaru - they are addictive however have a browse around the site - petrol fuel economy can be achieved if you take it easy with your right foot - although that is a challenge :biggrin:

There are a few threads on diesel engines on this site Mr B has been able to share some real world experience about faults with them.

If you go for an earlier 2.0 petrol that falls into the lower tax bracket.

A remap without changing anything else on the car generally takes out the manufacturers generic map which contains parameters for working in a wide variety of conditions, bad quality fuel / temperature extremes etc. So your motor will get a little more power as Subaru's tend to be set to run a little richer (compensate for crap fuel) leaner mixture is closer to the optimum ratio, generates a little more power, can give better midrange, drive throughout the rev range and potentially better fuel economy.

If you are looking at a new motor you will be covered by warranties etc if watch for issues with DPF's, injectors, main bearing (gearbox alignment from factory)

How many miles are you planning on doing? Is it mostly motorway or local start stop? Any need to be driving in London?


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LOL yeah it's a challenge enough now in my 1.6 civic [emoji23] no you won't put me off getting a Subaru, I have my mind set on it!



I'm looking at getting a 2010 or newer, so I won't have any manufacturer warranty only whatever is given from a car dealership if one is bought from there. I do at least 8k miles a year, max 12k. I do a variety of driving, weekdays to work are mainly stop start as I live only 10 minutes away, but at the weekend if I'm taking my wife and son out then I could be doing anything depending where we're going. At least once a year I drive to Scotland because she has family up there, so I'd rather be driving my car rather than her 1.4 Jazz Auto [emoji13] only London driving I do is to the outskirts to see friends/family.



So is a remap advised on an almost standard car?



Thanks for the help I appreciate it! I'll check into Mr B's threads [emoji106]




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I once read somewhere (could've been on here) that for you to see any gain from having a diesel over a petrol, you need to be doing at least 18,000 miles a year. Not sure how accurate that is, but when you see the small price difference between the 2 fuels, and a clever bit of driving, I can see it's not far out. Even with a WRX/STI. Only more temptation to use the right foot. I did have a 2L n/a impreza and I could get quite good mpg. Just food for thought.

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