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Dash cams, what one?

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Hi all

Well yesterday I finished work, walked back to car an noticed I had a massive crack across the windscreen that wasn't there when I parked her up. Just waiting on insurance to sort it out, hopefully in time for its mot on Friday. Now I think it could have been a week screen and the heat from yesterday caused it, but........... so my wife and I are now looking at getting a dash cam or 2. Ideally I'd like a front and rear camera and more importantly I'd like it to work while car is parked and unattended without it draining the cars Battery. Is this possible? I've seen many with sensors for this very thing, do they work? Can they be set to just record without motion to start them? Am I asking too much? And prices seem to range from £10-£200+, am I better of spending a bit or are cheaper ones just as good? An recommendations please.


Many thanks

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There's a buyee dual lens one for around £30 which is good in low light (think it's from WDR), comes with 2 separate cameras, one to mount on the rear and records both at the same time on the same card.

Can be set to stay off and turn on when it detects movement, although it takes about 5 secs or more to turn on. Then records for 10 secs then turns itself off. (Closing the door too hard can make it turn on)




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Just to let you know that a number of our insurance schemes do give premium discounts for the fitment of a HD in car camera.




Thanks good to know. Are there any recommendations? Or a list of what ones?

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Iv bought a nextbase 312 GW for my lass got it from Halfords (on offer) online forgot to see if I could still use my discount card buggar. Any ways the W indicates its wifi enabled to make downloading the images easier plus you can apparently watch it live on the nextbase app. Gonna see how it pans out and if it's any good I'll get myself one 🤔🤔👍👍👍

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