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Legacy Exhaust system needed


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I could do with a new exhaust system for my Legacy.  Although it is heavily rusted it seems very solid though I am told it is blowing at the bifurcation - the separation of the single pipe to 2 going to the 2 silencers.

I looked for recommendation on here and found the Gerlach system (on eBay) described as complete and suitable for the 2009 Legacy Estate, 127kW edition - which according to my registration document is what I have.  I asked for confirmation and was then told this system does not fit and was offered just the 2 rear boxes - no use to me.

I then looked at an alternative supply offered on eBay.  Their advert also said it is suitable for my car but when I run their online check - says it is not suitable.  Any ideas where to go for a suitable exhaust system?

2009 Subaru Legacy Estate, Variant BP9, Version 5G0
Capacity 2457cc Max power 127kW
VIN = JF1BP9KL58G070973
Engine No. - 449230

Advice appreciated, thanks, Jerry

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I can attest that the Garlach systems offered for the 3.0 on eBay etc are fine.  Fit could be a little better and the tailpipes are pants (re-use your own boxes). Mine sat a little low at the rear end so I slightly raised with a change of rubber straps

Recently sold my 10 year old Spec B Tourer (owned for 7 years) and when the original mild steel system corroded at the Y section I had built a Powerflow stainless system. It could be a little bit boomy around the 80mph mark so I purchased a Garlach system as I figured it would sell quicker

The Garlach system sounded fine and still rasped a little under acceleration so for £95 delivered its a no brainer cost wise

The Powerflow system will be up for sale as soon as I get time to give it a clean and take some pics

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