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Subaru legacy 2003/4


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Generally yes they are interchangeable .

You seem be making hard work of this, your front noise clunking issue is indeed sounding to be a driveshaft and it will more than likely be just the outer joint which can be smply knocked off the shaft or pulled of the shaft, outer joints are around £30, whole driveshaft are around £70 to £160 pending quality level, if want good go SKF for whole shaft. DO be aware you get what pay for and cheap shafts don't work as well in terms of smoothness, balance or longevity as likes of a quality oem supplier like SKF

Other area you want check is front coil spring and top hat as issues here cause similar symptoms from your other thread, you will also only really determine cv issues by striping for inspection unless seriously and unusually worn or internal parts broken .

car not done much mileage so I would be inclined just do outer shaft joint both sides and inspect inner joint, clean/regrease so know all is good and no drama and no big bill.

I wouldn't recommend used as front shafts work hard and most close to junk if split joints and inspect for wear and pitting .

Parts can be found online easy enough or good local factors could get it but at more cost and ICP that gets talked about a lot on here will do outer joints posted to your door, easy to fit if you half handy with tools and as example on garage charge I would do 2 outer joint and inspect re-grease inners in 2 hrs labour  easy , only heavily seized shaft in hub would slow it down ant that not a common occurrence .

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