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Front crankshaft oil seal

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Hi everyone as the title suggests i think the front crank oil seal is starting to go on my classic ej20 as theres a little oil coming from behind the timing cover just below where the crank is and its using a little oil not much as its not dripping onto the ground yet but after a spirited run i get a whiff of burning oil and i think its dripping a little onto the header which runs from the passenger side, just wondering how hard or easy it is to change, icp sell them for 6quid i think so going to get one, i'm a mechanic so going to do it myself however trucks are my thing so don't really know my way round cars enough to know what kind of job it will be, any advice is much appreciated ☺

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No worries, just thought id mention timing belt removal as if its due , its definitely worth doing at the same time .


Sometimes the crank pulleys can get a bit stuck and if your gonna change the belt it might be eaiser to drop the coolant and remove the rad .


To make access and seing the timing marks eaiser .


I've only fitted crank n cam seals once and my engine was out at the time [emoji6]

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Yeah i knew the timing belt would have to come off but it was changed last year and its only done 5k since it was put on, however i'll check to make sure its not been contaminated with the oil leak but its not been leaking that long so hopefully itl be ok, also kind of thought i would take the rad out, make life a bit easier thing is i've just done a coolant flush and refresh so going to have drain it all out again and it was a right pita to bleed 😠😠

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