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New XV lower low end torque?


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So my wife had a newer XV in March, with the latest engine. 

Her car drives completely different to my 2014 XV. 

When pulling away it very easily stalls unless you give it some revs. Seems the newer engines are less torquey at the very low end than the older diesels. 

Just thought I'd post this up as a bit of info

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I had that in the beginning as well with my '12 XV. What helped was running several tanks with premium diesel + change air filter. My guess is that the XV is pretty sensitive to diesel quality and the effect it may have on the injectors. Combine that with a less than optimal airflow and stalls could make sense not? 

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Mine had a similar issue for the first 3k miles but has improved along with the economy.

When new I managed to stall it twice setting off and felt a right ...

I forgot about this issue now since it's much better at 6k, plus economy on commute was in mid 30's new, now averaging 46mpg on the same commute.

Euro 6 engine with an oil change at 3000.

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On 12/06/2017 at 11:17 PM, Tidgy said:

Dad didn't notice any difference between his 2015 and 2017, although that's petrol

The engine hasn't changed on the petrol between those years as I understand so there shouldn't be a difference really.

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