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Morning all,

i have read a million answers for older engines but not for the newer.

my 2009 WRX-S hatch is currently not forged at all, 5 speed, standard VF52 running 280bhp and 350 lb/ft. Has mishimoto Tmic, tomei decat 3" exhaust, HKS SSQV(I know, I know 😂) K&N typhoon intake and more supporting mods.

the only option left is turbo upgrade. Not talking crazy, just want the top end. Likely an SC36 billet or SC42 with pump ofc

anyone have experience with this block, how it handles the power, is the gearbox up to it, what needs looking at etc

am thinking ARP head studs, upgraded gasket, forged pistons and bearings to be safe but....

anyone dealt with this?


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You'll get away with a small turbo upgrade, but sc42 will be too much for the stock engine. much more than a 36 an your gonna need to have the engine rebuilt.


How far you go really depends on budget, my goal is a reliable 500bhp so i've got a closed deck converted 2.5, forged pistons, uprated rods, acl bearings, arp headstuds and supertech valve kit in refurbed v5 heads along witha boat load of supporting mods like FMIC, syvecs etc

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don't know about the engine but like the look of the your car the arches look great . if I were to make a suggestion I would paint dip or wrap the front grill surround in black to tie it all together. good luck with the turbo.


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I have a 2008 wrx with vf52 turbo uprated fuel pump full decat running 320bhp with remap.have a look at my build thread for full mods list.you wont get much more then that if you want it to still be reliabke on standard engine internals.have engine built and you can easy get 400bhp.i follow a guy on youtube and his wrx was running 400bhp with engine build but he got a sti hatch now running 550bhp.


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