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Loads of bits.


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Hi all. I have to clear all my old parts as i'm moving soon. The list is very very long.

I'll only list a few bit's to give you an idea of what i have.

1997 GC8 JDM   parts

Speedline alloys


Rear diff

Wiring looms

All bumper parts including sides


Starter motor

All interior plastics

After market rear lights

Electric folding mirrors

Etc Etc Etc

Clocks 2.jpg

RED WRX Heads 1.jpg

RED WRX Calipers 2.jpg

Bumpers & Skirts.jpg

Pannels trims.jpg


RED WRX rear light's.jpg


Air vents and switches.jpg

Black WRX 003.jpg


Cup holder.jpg

Speedline 17's grey 1.jpg


Steering rack.jpg

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Hi there. All parts removed from 1995 and 1997 WRX JDM cars. the strut brace is for the front but has a grinding mark in it so i's not perfect. The Wheels are 17" Speedline's in very nice condition. They have the usual centre cap fade but they are sweet.

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To get them shipped to you is not expensive. I will individually wrap them. There are loads of people round here that do regular runs to the UK. That's why i can post on here and know i can get the bits anywhere. Must be 20+ man with a van that will fight for your business. If your interested you can get them. They're factory grey, they look sweet as.

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