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Newbie to the Soobie

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Hi everybody,


Not quite a Subaru owner yet but a life long Subaru fan so shouldn't be too long!


Now at a point where I can afford to run a Subaru with enough ease for it to be a viable option, always been a fan of the Impreza WRX's/STI's but looking at getting a legacy soon due to the added toys. Will be putting a post in the relevant section for questions I have but what are people's initial opinions of the legacy's? I've heard they're reliable and I'm looking at getting the 3.0r spec b so any opinions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance :)

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I used to have a legacy b4 rsk a good few years ago. I have also had a 2002 uk wrx, 1993 import wrx and currently I have a 2006 STI type uk.

the legacy I had was a very quick and capable car, but a lot more 'grown up' in comparison to the Impreza's. More refined, more gadgets, nicer interior and more conservative looks.

If i were in your position, I would test drive a few of each and make a decision. 

Impreza's for me 😎 


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