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HawkSTI's errrrrm hawk sti


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Right, just thought I'd start one of these for the records. 

I'd  been after another impreza for a few years,having previously owned a 2002 wrx for 4 years. It had to be an sti this time, in either blob or hawk form. I also looked at a wr1's while I was looking. 

So the search began. I ended up looking and test driving a fair few cars, before I ended up buying this one. 

2006 (56) impreza wrx sti type uk

wr blue

full service history including 2 cambelt changes (one just done)

78'000 miles

only 1 owner from new (i'm the second)

very good condition, couple of stone chips on the bonnet but very clean and by far the cleanest of the ones I looked at. 

The car is 100% unmodified, as if it had just left the factory.

Few pictures from the advert:








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Did the obligatory hpi check and all was clear. So paid for the car, taxed it (£535 😮😢) got it insured and off I went. 

I loved the car straight away. The power, the handling, the brakes and just the general feel of the car. Smiled all the home like a Cheshire Cat 😎

My origional plan was just to leave the car stock. It had enough power, it looked awesome, the handling was amazing. Why change anything?

that plan didn't last long. After realising the car was too quiet (literally it was almost silent) I started looking for a prodrive back box. I found one an hour away for £85 so couldn't resist. 

Pics of the origional sti box and new prodrive one, and jacked up getting fitted. 



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After fitting the new prodrive back box, the car was very slightly louder. More noticeable in the higher revs but more or less the same ticking over. 

After having the car 2 weeks, and getting to know the car better, I decided a bit more power to open it out a bit would be nice. I bought a cosworth panel filter to replace the stock one. So after doing a bit of research, my plans are...

prodrive backbox ✅ 

cosworth filter ✅ 

import size plates ✅ 

coilovers and geo set up

upgraded fuel pump

deresonated centre section

good remap

so that's were I'm at and what I have planned. No plans to go mad with modifications, most of the cash I spend will be on maintaining, running and enjoying it. It loves a good drink.

i'll update this as I tick bits off my list, and more than likely will add new ones too it at the same time 😂



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5 minutes ago, mattiekane said:

Just a shame it's another blue one 😉 lol


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O2c wr blue is the ONLY colour to have on a Subaru. If it's not wr blue it's not a real Subaru. 

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Just too keep this thread up to date....

took the car to ab auto performance in Hartlepool and had it fully undersealed. Looks like new under there now! And should provide a good few years of protection against the elements ⛈❄️🌦🌨🌧☃️☔️

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Quick update to the thread...

picked up a set of hks coilovers on Saturday and managed to get them fitted last night. I'd been on the look out for a set of coilovers and these came up for what I think was a decent price. 



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And a couple of pics after I gave it a wash tonight 👍 I'm going to let it all bed in for a week or so, then it's going in for a full geo set up. It's set up on the softest setting (which is a surprisingly decent ride) and right in the middle ride height wise, so can still be adjusted an inch or so up or down if needed. 








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On 11/08/2017 at 8:39 AM, mattiekane said:

Needs slightly bigger wheels now lol


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I cant believe me and chris evans agree on something 😉😙

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