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Oil, oil and more oil


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Just wondering what oil everyone is using in there Imprezas? 

Mines been run on 5w30 Shell ultra helix from new, which I believe is the oil subaru reccomend. 

a Subaru specialist has told me the only oil he uses is Fuchs titan race, and recommended next time I changed it to swap it out too this brand and 10w40. 

Just wanting to know what brand etc of oil people on here are using in there scoobys. 

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Hi there

I bought my wrx over a month ago, for two weeks I've been driving on the oil that was in the car.Scoobie was holding oil level pretty well.Over two weeks ago i changed all filters and engine oil to castrol Magnatec 5w 40 and it seems that nearly 0.5 ltr of oil disappeared on distance of around 800 miles ! I don't think there is any oil leak.The engine is quiet and pulls well.The question is - Is castrol Magnatec that crap and it is causing engine burning it or maybe the engine is on its way out ? 

The car is from 2003 and mileage is 110k 

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