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What's it worth. I've had enough


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1994 WRX import wagon (closed deck) 


146k, 88k is kilometres the rest miles.

Head gasket went Christmas day (obviously) , so had that replaced with 0.8 steel ones and had full bottom end rebuild at the same time. Crank shells big end bearing every gasket every belt everything needed has been done. Cost me £2000. That was at 145k

New radiator, new spark plugs, new filter new oil new tensioners everything less than 1k ago (all with receipts) 

New discs and pads on front 

New pads on rear

Reconditioned  rear subframe 

Polybushed everything 

Tein lowering springs 


Z4 ecu

turbo timer

alloys have all been refurbished and are in mint condition not one Mark. Brand new tyres cost me £550 last month

Rear disc mech all rebuilt as they collapsed when we did rear wheel bearing. £250 last month


Will need new abs ring on o/s/r to remove warning light off dash


After all this blew 3rd gear to bits. So got a new gearbox with 67k "genuine" miles. Fitted that today and guess what. It's !Removed!. Obviously 


So I've had enough. Anyone want it


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