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Key fob programming


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that just remote central locking fob , assuming have no motion sensors on windscreen side piller trims and no bonnet switch?
If fob functional/working and central locking fob you program it as below .

1: open drivers door fully and leave open

2: do not put keys in the ignition.

3: Connect the white connector found behind the footwell kick panel next to the accelerator (RHD).

4: now with the door still open press and hold the rear part of the door lock/unlock button on the drivers door panel. Keep hold of it DO NOT LET GO.

5: now double press the open button on your key fob then the lock button on your key fob, then switch to a 2nd key fob if have one and do the same (even if already programmed and working as all required fobs must be programmed together ).

6: Once all key fobs been done  RELEASE THE BUTTON ON THE DOOR And unplug the white connector .

7: test fobs before refitting footwell kick panel .

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if the key is working then its just the radio fob, have a hunt round inside and see if you can find that pad either in the glove box or hidden away somewhere.

Mines a single button, but the spare didnt work remotely. they are all sigma fobs so just need to put a code in and you can reprogram it yourself, assuming of course its just lost the frequency.

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It not sigma, it central locking only 2 button fob and security is skim key chip immobiliser (skim key transponder chip also in key fob housing but separate to pcb board)

Easy enough fit a used or new fob pcb and program it to the Fozzy (instructions as above) as long as Fozzy side of it working right, most times it is indeed fob that faulty, cracked board, buttons broken etc etc .

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On 23/11/2017 at 8:13 PM, Mr B said:

yes, should be able get used and new, I got the 2 key fobs new as always keep few spare remotes for quick customer fix  .

Cheers mate, sorted it. My fob was broken, reprogrammed another. Thanks for the help appreciate it big time x 

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