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Bugeye wrx wagon specific rear shocks needed

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I replaced all struts on mine last year, managed to find a set of KYB Excel G shocks someone had bought before selling the car so got them cheaper, but they are good! 

That being said, change the top mounts on them at the same time, i didn't and now they are beginning to make noise so i have to take it all off and rebuild them again! I'm considering the KYB tops too, since the struts are good. Food for thought...

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First thanks for the reply I heard excel make good shocks but tbh I'm trying to save for some bc coilovers this is just to make my car drivable i think I'm just gonna go with importcarparts  for now till I can get the money together for the coilovers  and btw love the name....... Ayeeeeeeee 😅

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No worries. I was considering coils, but i don't really want to sacrifice the ride quality that much and lowered springs are already quite stiff! But, i would like to even out the ride height. If i was going coils i'd probably go with Meister over BC as they seem to have better reviews overall, but still it's basically horses for courses as they're the same price. 

Might be able to pick up a used set if you keep your eye on the facebook groups as they quite often come up on cars being broken for parts!

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