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Subaru auto turbo conversion


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Right then bit of a different question here I am currently in the process of having my clutch side leg amputated but also really want a Subaru classic turbo which will have to be auto would a auto turbo wagon running gear fit a classic and also I have seen a legacy turbo auto for sale would that running gear and transmission  fit a classic ? If so what bhp could the auto box take up to ? Thanks people 

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Sorry to hear about the loss of your leg , bud . But glad to hear it hasn't dampened you thirst for a impreza .


As i said via pm , the classic autos are more common in wagons although i have seen a couple of auto saloons.


My legacy spec isnt the best but afaik most turbo auto variants are twin turbo semi autos . I dare say that the semi auto box and twin turbo set up will physically fit into a impreza . The wiring and complicated twin turbo vac line set up would make it a lot more difficult to do a conversion.


A impreza classic wagon however, has the same floor pan as a saloon, so box , loom , ecu , linkage , pedals ect will swap straight over into a saloon from a donor auto wagon .


I did help someone with the same info a few years back , similar circumstances to yourself but he'd lost his leg in a bike accident and wanted to convert his p1 to auto . As he couldn't bare to sell it , so it's definitely do able [emoji106]


Unfortunately i dont know what the power limits are of the impreza auto box but theres a member on here with a blobeye saloon wrx auto . he's having a remap soon ,So he might be able to shed some light on it ?


All the best with the op and project, keep us posted too , bud .


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