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Hi everyone


I have a imported 1998 Version 4 imported STI 4door, i have developed a misfire between 2-4k rmp on full throttle, seems to occur on full boost and clears once above the effected rev range. once above 4k it pulls like a train but it seems to drop into a misfire whilst building boost. Ive cleaned the MAF/checked all silicone joiners, it has got iridium plugs/standard intercooler/standard recirc BOV and Ive cleaned all of the visible electrical connections. Any suggestions/common failures?? it has covered 160,000 miles with replacement head gaskets/skim heads 4,000 miles ago. never had any running issues before and  i am  scratching my head as to why its happening now!





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Well I bought a set of plugs, and some injector cleaner. Decided to use the cleaner first to see if it made any difference and after adding it to  a couple tankfuls  the problem has gone!!  Will fit the plugs at a later date. So all good..

     Cheers Yoss.

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