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Japfest Silverstone 2018


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@GeoffLeggy and yes all good got my cat back system from cobra and I'm getting my sports cat put on now. 


Euros don't stock the cat and dealer want an arm and a leg for it so getting a sports cat for £570 at cobra too just want to upgrade the manifolds and up pipe next then I know the whole exhaust is good might even take her down the strip this year 

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I'm hoping to do some shows this year, went to the retro show last year at Santa Pod which was my first proper car show. I'm completely hooked lol!

Got tickets the other week to the festival of power on the friday which I am really looking forward to, the drag and jet cars are insane!!

I have some work to do to my car to get it strip ready, I have to drive home in the thing aswell and I think my syncro or gearbox is on the way out, but I have a bet with my mate as to who will win best out of three on a RWYB day, he has a 2.5L V6 E46 BMW with that Vanos thingymijig :biggrin:

My other mate has a turbo 2000 that never sees the light of day and is covered in about a million coats of polish. I guarantee that car will never see the mileage to Santa Pod, let alone their drag strip :laugh:

We are all looking to do a Jap show aswell, not sure which one yet.


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